A large portion of the population belongs to one of the 3 Guilds in the world. The Guilds do span the entire world and have representation in each major city. The villages may be less influenced by the Guilds, but it would be on a case-by-case basis. No one is required to be a part of a Guild and, like any organization, the good and bad can often come as a result of being part of a Guild. High ranking officials of Guilds tend to also be high ranking officials in the government. They serve as a set of checks and balances for each other and, not surprisingly, members are often more favorable to their guildmates than others.

The 3 Guilds are:

  1. Mistral Travelers: Oversight of the main transport systems including ports and major roads. They also control the banking system and have a strong business in secure storage and transport.
  2. Hand and Mark: Oversight of the skilled laborers, markets, local commerce within the city.
  3. Eye of the Mind: Oversight of the licensing of magical instruction and is the main governance of the university system.

For more information about what’s going on with the Guilds, you should find the message board located near the school. Odd jobs by the Guilds are usually found posted there (at least in Osena) and making contacts is the first step to getting to join one as you must be invited to join a Guild once they think you are committed and capable.

Joining a Guild is a big decision as it is considered to be a lifelong commitment. While you may change or leave Guilds, it does not reflect well on your character and you may find relations become strained with your previous associations.


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