Demons & Shadows

Session 5

From the battle with “Raegi” from Session 4, Sebastian and Gressen gave us a choice of a number of items. Of these items, we picked up the following: A ring of +1 muscle control (Friedlief), Amulet of Protection (Akhil), Hardened Studded Leather Breeches (Joe), Hardened Leather Jacket (Vaesen)

Vaessen received a letter from the Mystral Travelers which gave us free rental of horses that we’ll be using for our trip to Laurandur. Covers any length trip.

Preparing for the trip to Laurandur, we stopped at Creely’s general store and picked up a few things for the road—14 days hard tack for 4 people(normally 2200 shillings), 24 arrows for Friedlief (60 shillings, paid separately by Fried), normal rope (45 shillings), 2 pints of oil (~24 shillings) for a total of 4.5pints in inventory between Joe and Vaessen. Paid 2200 shillings total for that gear.

Met Gressen in the afternoon for fundage, he looked very tired, and was wearing the same clothes he was wearing yesterday. Raegi (the real one) still is recuperating and is still drained from his ordeal with Gedwick. We let Gressen know that we would be heading out in the morning. He told us to stop at his assistant to receive our advanced funds for the trip. Joe picked up the wooden box containing the funds. 5 marks, 2000 shillings.

When arranging for our horses, we ended up renting a pack horse to carry extra horse feed for 400 for a one way trip to Laurandur.

Ended up getting 123 shillings out of Eli and Brock, gave 30 shillings each to Fendon and lars. Also spent 75 shillings on night-before departure drinks.

Left the next morning, Friedlief shortly after departure spotted some deer and had failed attempt at killing one. Rest of day was uneventful, and our stay at the first inn was 500 shillings total for nights stay, dinner, breakfast, and bag lunch.

Second day we ended up running into a scuffle with some gremlins. Dispatched them all easily, received 20 shillings total from them. Stayed second night in woods.

Third night stayed in Fancier inn (independently owned) Clives Forest House 3 stories – 500 for night + lunch. Saw MT cart travellers, asked how long till Laurander—10-11 days. Fourth night stayed in woods by stream, uneventful

Fifth night stayed in MT inn, 500 shillings. During night, Vaessen and Friedlief were robbed of their personal funds, found out in middle of the night. All collected downstairs, and were ambushed by the folks that were running the inn – 5 enemies in total. After a fierce battle, we were victorious. The managers of the inn – A grandfather figure and a traveler were bound and gagged. Granddaughter Iris was up and around, but held captive, used to make food for us and the evildoers. Akhil slightly befriended the dark skinned traveler. We were refunded 300 shillings for our help with the matter. Got up late, had breakfast at noon, left and got part-way to the next inn, camped out (sixth night).

On the seventh morning we woke up to a rabbit in one of Friedlief’s traps, which we cooked and ate for breakfast. Travelled till dusk, slept on the trail. Friedlief and Joe went hunting for birds. Friedlief got bird. In morning, rabbit in trap, breakfast.

Travel past next inn, Vaessen and Friedlief spotted something colorful – stuffed animal of some form. Led to a clearing with a boy, 3 goblins attacking him, and 3 bigger dudes. Flying rhinoceros ended up killing the big wizardy dudes, but not before killing off Akhil.

< rest of session needs filling in >



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