It is rumored to have occurred on the darkest, blackest night of the year. Like the blink of an eye, faster than a thought can enter your mind, in that moment that occurs between life and death, is when it began. The first rift. The dawn of the new world.

It’s unknown whether it was the Demons or the Shadows that created the first, but now that hundreds of rifts have appeared, nobody cares about such details anymore. A once peaceful world has been torn asunder by two warring planes. The Demons with their powers of destruction versus the Shadows with their control over the dead use this world as a link, a battleground with which to wage the skirmishes of their war. The peoples of the land are inconsequential, pawns to be used in the struggle for domination. The Demons promise infinite power and the Shadows promise the fulfillment of dreams. Their magics have been intertwined into the very fabric of the world, taking root in its people. The arrogance of the invaders to bring their magic into this world could be their greatest power, or lead to their crushing defeat.

Three magics existed in the world before the rifts: Life, Nature, and Mentality. Every person carries a bit of the magic in them and, when choosing which path in life to follow, selects the magics best suited to that lifestyle. Evil was a foreign concept in the world as all magics were used for the greater good, not to harm or control. When the Demons and Shadows invaded and their Destruction and Death magics took root in the world, the people began to realize they were in a war they could not escape and could not ignore. Some choose sides, allying themselves with the Demons or the Shadows, positioning themselves on the front lines, hoping to be eternally rewarded. Others seek to master these new magics to use them against the invaders, driving them back from where they came. Finally, others choose to rely on the magics born of this world, seeking to close all of the rifts on each side to return the peace to this world. It is a story without a clear ending.

What path will you choose, adventurer? Will you take a side and drive back the opponent? Will you use their own weapons against them? Or will you reject this new world and strive to return it to the peaceful state you once knew?

Demons & Shadows

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